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More About Us

The company was established in 2013 in demand for high quality transportation service. The company believes that without a well coordinated and managed transportation system, all sectors of our economy will be negatively affected, thus, the company is positioned to embark on an integrated approach that encompasses and meets our client’s needs. As passionate as we are about economic development in South Africa, we ensure that our clients enjoy a hassle-free service that is tailored to meet their unique and individual transport needs. The company believes that the penetration of previously disadvantaged enterprises in this booming industry will result in a fair equitable of this market as envisaged in the Tourism and Transport Charters.

The company is also involved in local Economic Development initiatives which seek to grow and empower Youth and grass roots communities by exposing them to tourism sector. To this end the company is willing to offer unemployment Youth within the province of Gauteng internship in the following Tourism related areas like: Tour Guide, Customer Care and Chauffer Services etc. We believe that these youth will ultimately be responsible for sensitizing other fellow youth by making people aware of Gauteng and South Africa at large tourism icons and heritage sites and most importantly the need of being a good host to our province.

The creation of employment to support the socio-economic requirement of our rapidly growing country is at the heart of Rendanani Transport and Tours.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a preferred service partner in the provision of transportation service. We offer effective and innovative service delivery solutions.

We are also committed to an environment that maximizes sustainable growth and provides affordable service and Employment wealth creation.

One of our main objectives is to provide excellent service and customer care in the industry of transport within our borders of South Africa regions and SADC.

We take pride in prosperity of South Africa and the continent as a whole and strive towards being one of strategic partners in transportation sector.

Mission Statement

RENDANANI TRANSPORT AND TOURS is aimed at capitalizing its efforts in the transportations sector by:

  • Providing effective total life cycle solution in the transport sector.
  • To become the centre for transport services excellence and ensure efficient and timeous service for the clients.
  • Creating employment opportunities.
  • Anticipating and encouraging strategic partnership.
  • To abide by the principle of honesty, integrity, fairness and professional ethics.
  • Ensure the application of cost effective methods to the benefit and delight of both the customer and the service provider.
  • Running door to door pickups and drop offs to place of the clients choice.
  • Providing the roadworthy vehicles of high quality standards in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Acts.
  • Ensure the inclusion of a passenger liability cover per vehicle.
  • To ensure safety, security and commitment to the delight of customers.
  • To supply well trained and highly experienced drivers for preservation of safety on the roads.


  • Use technology to better serve delivery to our clients and to offer valued added customer service.
  • To develop and empower those who are employed by our company.